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It's time for Diane and I to sell our coach and move on to the next thing in our lives.  Excited about new horizons for us but also melancholy to be moving on from our beloved Coach. 

 To look at all the pictures together, select "Just the Pics" category.   For more indepth details, select specific categories. 

Just the Pictures

Here's just a pile of pictures. Same pics as the other categories, just without the descriptions.

Salon & Gallery

On a coach of course, we call it a "salon" and the kitchen is called the "galley". But whatever you call it, it's gotta be comfortable...

Bed & Bath

Gotta have the essentials in here. Lots of closet space. This unique coach is configured with an extra large slide in the bedroom and...

Storage Bays

The Prevost H model has the largest storage bays of any RV. Period. This is why its so preferred for those that wanna bring along all...

Engine, Exterior and more

There's nothing more reliable in the diesel engine world than the trusty Detroit 60 coupled with the Allison transmission. With only...

Maintenance History

Click into this post to see a list of improvements & maintenance events that have been done to the coach. Front face replaced with new...

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